Cement is a crafted material produced from the raw material stone. It is a tier 3 low-quality building material, meaning it is at the lower-middle part of the list when it comes to material strength. Being a purely structural item, it only offers blocks, ramps, and stairs.


All cement building materials are built directly from rocks.

Inventory Description

The in-game inventory description of a Cement Block. (v0.7.2)

A table outlining the craftable uses of cement.
Build Material Crafting Requirements
Cement Door Not Existing
Cement Block 1 Stone
Cement Ramp 1 Stone
Cement Stairs 1 Stone

Cement is not used as an ingredient in any crafting recipes.

Stone/Ingame BehaviorEdit

Cement blocks enjoy an inherent advantage over tier 1 and tier 2 low-quality building materials such as clay, reinforced and regular wood, and dirt, as it is extremely difficult to destroy via fragmentation grenades, whereas after 5 grenades even clay blocks will begin to collapse. Cement blocks are still quite resistant against breaching charges, however - in-game blast testing reveals that even the strongest charges will only destroy one or two cement blocks at a time.


Stone as naturally found on Atlas.

Stone itself is somewhat abundant on the surface of Atlas, found mostly in rocky outcroppings jutting out from the dirt surface, or in caves or other areas with extreme slopes. Stone can be mined at about one half to one third the rate at which dirt can be mined, particularly with the Ground Pounder and slightly more quickly compared to dirt with other harvesting tools.