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Forging is the process by which a player creates new items by processing Resources gathered from the world. Advanced forging must take place near a forging panel.

Forging TerminalEdit

The Forging Terminal must be crafted by the player; as of Patch 0.7.5, it was not part of the player's starting kit. However, the blueprint is given to the players on spawning. It is crafted with 55 Steel Ingots and 25 Sand.

The Forging Terminal is a passive object, interacting automatically with the player when the player is close enough. Players can interact with forging terminals in spite of walls or other barriers. Forging terminals are an important, necessary object in the game, and their function is explained later in this article.

How to Craft/Forge ItemsEdit

In order to craft or forge an item, the player must have the resources to create the item. The player must also have the correct blueprint researched. If an item is being forged that requires the Forging Terminal, the player must be close enough to the Forging Terminal itself. When a player passes close enough to a forging terminal, a message in the chat area will appear informing them that they are within range of a forging terminal. They will also be informed when they pass too far away from the crafting terminal.

Pressing "Tab" or "i" will bring up the player's inventory. Clicking on an item, notably one which has a blue background, will cause a window to appear in the player's lower right hand side of the screen. This crafting/forging interface will inform the player of the resources required to begin the forging/crafting, or will simply say "Blueprint not researched".

You can select the quantity of items to be forged or crafted by either typing the quantity of items in the box, or by clicking the plus and minus buttons. Then, you will need to click the "Forge!" button. The forging/crafting will then commence. Each and every forge/craft will take a certain amount of time, depending on the quality and quantity of what you are trying to produce. It can take from a short instant to a matter of seconds, or even several minutes. The resources you will use for crafting will not be deducted until the forging is complete, and you will not gain completed items as the crafting/forging continues: everything will be deducted and added at the end of the forging/crafting. This is also what happens if the player leaves the range of a forging terminal while the forging of a forging-terminal-required item is underway.

Starforge - Crafting Tutorial

Starforge - Crafting Tutorial

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