Devices are machines that can be placed and serve a purpose, and require a power supply to operate. Currently (version 0.7.51), they are principally limited to security purposes. The resources needed to craft them are primarily steel ingots, sulphur, and voltronic ore, with resources also needed based on the specific device. All devices require a Forging Terminal to produce in Survival Mode.


These contraptions will help you defend against all of the aliens and are the most useful devices used in base defence. If a leech attacks one of these turrets, it will be knocked over and will need to be picked back up and placed back by the player. It should be noted that turrets can hit players if they get between their target and the turret, causing damage or player death if they are not careful.

Laser Turret

Laser Turret

Laser TurretEdit

A turret that shoots lasers at a high rate of fire dealing low damage. In older versions of StarForge, this was the most common turret used in Fort Defence and was significantly cheaper than the rocket turret, making it more affordable in the early stages of the game.

In Version 0.7.5, alongside the removal of Fort Defense mode, the Laser Turret and Rocket Turret became much more similar to craft in survival mode. As of 0.7.51, lasers are much more like Rocket Turrets in that they are slow-firing and fire high-damage shots. The current functional difference between Laser Turrets and Rocket Turrets is that the Rocket Turret has longer range.


  • 5 Graphene Ingots
  • 45 Oil
  • 5 Sulphur
  • 10 Voltronic Ore
  • 125 Steel Ingots

Old Description: "Pew Pew Pew!" | New Description: "A defensive laser turret."

Rocket Turret

Rocket Turret

Rocket TurretEdit

A turret that shoots rockets at a slow rate of fire with high damage, it was particulary useful against larger leeches that spawned later in Fort Defence mode, formerly being much more powerful than its smaller cousin, the laser turret. However it costs twice as many resources to craft.

As of Version 0.7.5, the Rocket Turret and Laser Turret were brought much more closer together. The new laser turret emulated the rocket turret in most ways, except that the Rocket Turret shoots at a longer range than the Laser Turret.


  • 5 Sand
  • 10 Sand Stone
  • 10 Sulphur
  • 2 Voltronic Ore
  • 130 Steel Ingots

Old Description: "Kabbbooom!" | New Description: "A defensive rocket turret."


These devices are short ranged and have to be planned in a tactical fashion to do harm to your enemies.

Slammer TurretEdit

Slammer Horizontal

Slammer Turret

A turret that spins around and deals melee damage (Can be placed vertically). This can be used to slow leeches down or propel them away from the base, however larger leeches will jam the slammer, causing it to stop.


  • 5 Sand
  • 15 Oil
  • 1 Voltronic Ore
  • 135 Steel Ingots

Old Description: "It slams things..." | New Description: "A rotating turret that deals physics damage on impact."

In Version 0.7.5, different orientations of the Slammer Turret were split into different blueprints, being the Slammer Turret, the Twister Turret, and the Vertical Slammer Turret.

L-Slammer TurretEdit

L Slammer Turret

The L Slammer Turret

A turret shaped like the letter L that spins around and deals melee damage (Can be placed vertically). As of 0.7.51, it was only physically shaped differently and aesthetically different from the other Slammer turrets.


  • 5 Sand
  • 15 Oil
  • 1 Voltronic Ore
  • 135 Steel Ingots

Old Description: "It also slams things..." | New Description: "An L-shaped variant of the Slammer Turret that inflicts physics damage on impact."


Generators are important devices which are responsible for powering your other devices. While there was a system to bring power to individual units in previous versions of StarForge, as of 0.7.5 this system was removed, leaving systems to be powered based on a generator's area of effect.

A generator provides infinite energy within its area of effect; the number of devices you are limited to is based purely on how many you can pack into the areas of effect of the generators at your disposal. Thus, the larger the generator, the larger its area of effect.

Small Power GeneratorEdit

Power Radius: 5 Meters.


  • 100 Oil
  • 200 Steel Ingots

Medium Power GeneratorEdit

Power Radius: 25 Meters.


  • 25 Voltronic Ore
  • 200 Graphene Ingots

Large Power GeneratorEdit

Power Radius: 100 Meters.


  • 50 Antimatter
  • 250 Monolithium Ingots


These are devices that don't quite fit into other categories.

Search LightEdit



A large light that auto-targets nearby enemies. These are useful for Fort Defense during the night. When idle, they will systematically scan their quadrants based on which direction they are facing.


  • 20 Sand
  • 4 Voltronic Ore
  • 25 Steel Ingots

Old Description: "Warning: Eye contact with direct light may be harmful."

New Description: "Large light will search out and shine on any moving target within its search pattern."

Flood LightEdit

A medium-sized light which statically lights a small area. Unlike the Search Light, it will always light the same patch of ground the same way every time.