Trailer leech 1

Leeches leaping over fort defences in the Starforge trailer

A fort is an abstract term used by players to describe a player made structure, usually one that houses a respawn vat. It is constructed using tiles and often contains storage facilities for resources. Its primary purpose is for protection of its inhabitants and the respawn vat. Using the tiles present in the game it is possible that the players make a fort of varying degrees and sizes.

Functionality and UsesEdit

A fort's main purpose is protection, and so devices such as laser turrets and slammer turrets are recommended additions to any fort, as this allows fort automation, in which case the fort can generally defend itself from small to medium level dangers while the players build and scavenge materials elsewhere.


Forts can be constructed in a variety of ways.  A fort could utilize thick walls, walls made of durable tile types, or use slammer turrets to keep enemies at bay at close range.  Forts may also utilize rocket or laser turrets for long range defense.  Note that leeches do not go around or over objects, but attempt to plow through an obsticle with either of its two attacks.  Therefore, you do not need a tall or completely encircling wall to keep leeches at bay.

Trailer leech 2

Leeches overwhelming a fort wall in the Starforge trailer