There are currently two released game modes in StarForgeCreative and Survival.

Fort Defense was a mode that was removed from the game in Version 0.7.5, and as of Version 0.7.51 neither Fort Defense nor its brother mode Fort Wars were in the game.


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As of Build 0.7.51 Creative mode simply allows players to explore their imaginations in creating structures, bases, and anything else. Most blueprints in the game are provided to the player, and the player has infinite quantities of all items and resources. Resources may still be collected, structures may be built, and you may modify the worldspace however you see fit with tiles and Devices. No hostile mobs will spawn, meaning this mode has no end to it. 


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Survival has become the new mainstay of StarForge. The player is spawned in the world near a modified version of a VAT - resembling more of a red spaceship than the Respawn VAT that was defended in Fort Defense mode. It is up to the player to use what was given to him at the beginning of the game and collect resources, build structures and more, and survive.

Fort DefenseEdit

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All of the abilities you posses in Creative are here, but unlike creative you lose when your Respawn Vat is destroyed by Leeches. Fort Defense was removed from the game in 0.7.5.