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The Gunner-class specializes in offensive damage with the use of firearms. The Shooting Skill Tree is his primary skill tree. The gunner character was removed from StarForge along with the other characters in Version 0.7.5.


From an early age, the Gunner was remarkably proficient in the use of firearms. He could skillfully utilize a multitude of firearm designs upon first use, and was able to strike targets with lethal precision. These gifts extended to his physical abilities as well, and he was soon aware that no adversary of Earth could defeat him. He was a born soldier.

When the people of Earth created the New Planet Initiative, a program with the intent of utilizing Marines trained and outfitted to aid in the colonization effort, the Gunner jumped at the opportunity. He joined as a soldier of the NPI where his training would fully harness his aptitude for war. It would supplement his pre-existing abilities, honing him into a lethal and efficient soldier. He then left on a long interstellar journey to the foreign planet Atlas.

Being no stranger to hardship, the Gunner enjoys life on the hostile alien world that he now calls home; day-in and day-out the foreign world tests his resolve, pushing him to the physical and psychological brink as he fights for survival against the aggressive terrestrial creatures known as the Leech. The Gunner is inherently enthusiastic about the opportunity he has been given: to go where no human had set foot before; to test his aptitude for combat against deadly opponents forged in a hostile foreign environment across the stars; and to secure the future of humanity through the domestication of the new world. 


Gunner Stats
Health: 380

Endurance: 200

Skill TreesEdit

Athletics: 7

Agility: 5
Driving: 1
Flying: 1
Hacking: 1

Automatics: 21

Pistols: 15
Explosives: 7
Rifles: 1
Shotguns: 1
Launchers: 1
Heavy Weapons: 1

Repairing: 1

Turrets: 1
Construction: 1
Demolition: 1
Build Distance: 1
Electrician: 1
Engineering: 1

Melee: 1

Tree Cutting: 1
Rock Breaking: 1
Ore Mining: 1
Special Minerals: 1
Ground Sculpting: 1