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The Light Hovercraft at rest

The Hovership Basic, formerly known as the light hovercraft, is the smallest and cheapest hovercraft in StarForge. It is also the slowest. It has one seat, and one exhaust jet centered in the rear of the craft. It is excellent for exploring the map in areas where a wheeled vehicle would have trouble driving, such as mountanous or bumpy terrain, although it occasionally scrapes the ground after falling off of a ledge or climbing a steep slope. 

The light hovercraft model has what appears to be a mounted rocket battery, although it currently has no functionality as of Build 0.46. As of version 0.7.51, the rocket battery was removed.

The Hovership Basic can be forged using 225 Steel Ingots and 80 Graphene Ingots. It requires a Forging Terminal to be created.