Injectors are craftable syringes in Starforge. Different Injectors affect the player differently and more powerful versions are availible later through blueprints, although they will require a Forging Terminal.

Health InjectorsEdit

Screenshot 2014-06-24 18.00.10

Player Holding Health Injector

The Health Injector can be used to restore lost health.

It can be crafted with:

  • 2x Fiber
  • 1x Water

A Large Health Injector can also be forged, requiring a Forging Terminal, with:

  • 4 Fiber
  • 2 Water

While the game's description claims the Large Health Injector will heal 100 health points and the Health Injector will heal 50 health points, the Large Health Injector appears to heal more than twice the amount of health points.

MR InjectorsEdit

Screenshot 2014-06-24 18.05.25

A Player holding an MR Injector.

The MR (Meal Ration) Injector replenishes the player's 'food bar'.

It can be crafted with:

  • 5x Meat

Large MR Injector can also be forged, requiring a Forging Terminal, with:

  • 10x Meat
  • 2x Water

Like the Large Health Injector, the Large MR Injector appears to give the player more hunger points than the game description claims.

Energy InjectorsEdit

As of Patch 0.7.5, Energy Injections existed in the game's Creative mode. However, it does not appear that currently (v0.7.51) the player can pick up blueprints to create these injectors. It is anticipated that in a future update, these will be added to the game with greater suit power functionality.