The primary enemy of StarForge, and the only hostile AI as of version 0.7.51 (Patch #3), comes in the form of the dreaded Leech.

Behaviour and EnduranceEdit

Movement HabitsEdit

As of the 0.4.6 update, leeches have similar physics and movements to the player, which allows them to scale walls and crawl into holes.  They also have basic pathfinding capabilities.  Leeches flail and ragdoll upon death.  You can tell when a leech is dead as it will not move, except for occasional flailing and twitching.  Its texture will also change, as the glowing portions of its body turn from their previous colors to a dull grey.

Offensive CapabilitiesEdit

Leeches attack tiles, players, and respawn VATs. A Leech has a variety of attacks; if you see a helpless Dapperdillo or Wurmi fly fifty meters into the air, you know immediately that a Leech is the culprit. This is one of their dangerous attacks, as it will also work against players and will cause the player to take an extra bit of falling damage on planetfall. Leeches can also knock the players back a significant distance, or simply strike the player with minimal knockback. However, if a Leech attacks from above, there is a chance that it will instantly kill the player, regardless of armor, and the player's death will be attributed to fall damage. It is unclear whether it is intended for the Leeches to have this capability or if this is a bug in the game.

Attacking BehaviorEdit

Leeches will almost blindly attack whatever is in their line of sight and closest to them. A defenseless player can use this to turn the tables in fighting a Leech; when being chased, a player can place a hapless Wurmi or Dapperdillo between himself and the Leech. Once the Leech attacks the innocent creature, the player can circle around the Leech and if quick enough can eliminate the creature from behind.


Leeches are roughly equal to Dapperdillos in terms of sheer health, although they are capable of moving more quickly. Leeches can survive a moderate amount of abuse from most weapons , but the shotgun is most effective at combating them.

Table highlighting the damage Leeches can sustain
Weapon Hits Required to Kill
Zip Gun 4
Ground Pounder


Pistol 8
Assault Rifles 8
Shotgun 2
Titanium Drill 2 Seconds of Contact

Appearences and AbilitiesEdit

Leeches have an appearence similar to Wurmi, with glowing bulges on their heads that indicate their status, except they are significantly larger and dangerous-looking.

  • Yellow - Normal.  The basic leech.
  • Red - Increased Damage.  Deals out more damage against players, Tiles, or the Respawn Vat.
  • Blue - Increased Movement Speed.  Gets to its target more quickly and is a large threat in higher waves of Fort Defense.
  • Green - Increased Health.  Can absorb more damage during its lifespan.

In Fort Defense, all variants become more powerful based on the current wave.

Leeches, as of the 0.4.6a update no longer glow but still retain different statuses. It should also be noted that in 0.7.5, Fort Defense was removed from the game.