There are currently two types of vehicles available in StarForge:

  • Wheeled
  • Hovercraft



The Buggy

Wheeled vehicles are generally cheaper to make than hovercraft, requiring only metal as of Build 0.4.6. Powered ones have the ability to tow a trailer, making them very useful for base building and resource collection.


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Several Hovercraft

Hovercraft are the more expensive of the two types of vehicles in StarForge, requiring both metal and oil as of Build 0.4.6.  They rest on the ground when empty and automatically hover when a player enters them. They are fast and can traverse difficult terrain that the wheeled vehicles may have trouble crossing, but lack the ability to tow trailers. 

Heavy HovercraftLight HovercraftMedium Hovercraft (One Seat)Medium Hovercraft (Two Seat)