Tools in Starforge allow players to modify the terrain and interact with the world. While tools can deal damage to enemies, weapons are not tools and consequently have their own section.


Drills are the most important harvesting tools in the game. A good drill will be able to meet all of your material needs, and as you forge more powerful drills, you will be able to harvest more advanced materials and be able to harvest previously available materials at a significantly quicker rate. The only exception to this rule is Wood which, while susceptible to any drill, will be harvested relatively slowly by all drills alike.

Ground PounderEdit

Screenshot 2014-06-24 16.45.12

A Player holding a drill.

As of v0.7.5 all players begin the game with the basic Ground Pounder, as it is included in the Starting Equipment kit. This primitive drill allows players to harvest several types of materials, includiing Wood, Stone, Dirt, Iron and Sand. It can not be used to collect Obsidian, Dark Matter Shale, or Crystalite Ore. The drill is a slow and ineffecient tool yeilding 1 material per use on Stone, Iron. 1-2 materaisl on Dirt and Sand, and 1 Wood per 2-3 uses. The Ground Pounder is unique in potentially harvesting Wood more quickly than any other drill, due to its method of collecting materials.

The Drill can be used as a weak close combat weapon, able to kill Wurmis in 1-2 hits and Leeches in about 4 hits.

A Ground Pounder can be crafted using:

  • 10 Oil
  • 10 Sand Stone
  • 45 Steel Ingot

Titanium DrillEdit

An upgrade from the Ground Pounder, this is the first real drill the player gets to use in the game. It does not require a Forging Terminal to forge, and is the highest tier drill that does not do so. The Titanium Drill enjoys a very noticable advantage over the Ground Pounder in drilling speed, and can harvest new materials over the Ground Pounder like Obsidian Ore.

A Titanium Drill is capable of killing a Wurmi virtually instantly, and a Dapperdillo or Leech after a second or two of abuse.

A Titanium Drill is crafted using:

  • 25 Oil
  • 25 Titanium Ingot
  • 25 Sand Stone

Graphene DrillEdit

The Graphene Drill is the first drill the player gets that can harvest all materials in StarForge. It can also work faster than the Titanium Drill. However, it requires Graphene Ingots and a Forging Terminal to be crafted, making it quite a bit harder to be crafted. Its speed and efficiency at collecting materials is second only to the top tier Monolithium Drill.

A Graphene Drill will virtually instantly kill any living creature.

In order to be forged, a Graphene Drill requires

  • a Forging Terminal
  • 15 Obsidian Ore
  • 15 Voltronic Ore
  • 45 Graphene Ingots

Monolithium DrillEdit

Its drill constructed out of mighty Monolithium, this is the ultimate mining tool and melee weapon. The Monolithium Drill will instantly wreck Leech, Dapperdillo, and Wurmi alike. Of course, prestige comes at a price:

  • a Forging Terminal
  • 50 Obsidian Ore
  • 15 Voltronic Ore
  • 45 Monolithium Ingots


The Chainsaw is a unique tool. It is an effective melee weapon, and can frequently be found as a part of procedural weapons, but its primary task is to be the recommended tool for cutting down trees. It will outperform all drills, even the Monolithium Drill, at doing so. Chainsaws cannot harvest any other material, but can break apart blocks and perform at about the same rate as a Graphene Drill.