Turrets are player-placed structures that assist in killing enemies. There are many types of turrets, each having its own use in different situations.

Laser TurretEdit

The laser turret is a average class turret which shoots bolts of energy as ammunition.

Fire Rate: High

Projectile Speed: Medium

Damage: Medium

Health: N/A

Rocket TurretEdit

The rocket turret lobs slow-action rockets at the enemy.

Fire Rate: Low

Projectile Speed: Low

Damage- High

Health- N/A

Slammer TurretEdit

There are four types of slammer turrets. The horizontal, vertical, and "The L" slammer turret. The first two swing in the respective direction, while, "The L' slammer swings horizontally. Though it does not do much damage,  its shape allows it to capture vehicles. Finally, the twister turret simply spins around, it is currently useless


Fire Rate: Continuous

Rotation Speed: High

Damage: High

Health: N/A

"The L"Edit

Fire Rate: Continuous

Rotation Speed: Low

Damage: Low

Health- N/A


Fire Rate: Continuous

Rotation Speed: None

Damage: None

Health: N/A


Though not a turret in the traditional sense, the searchlight can be very useful, especially at night.

Fire Rate: Continous

Projectile Speed: Speed of Light

Damage: None

Health: N/A