aka Jorge

  • I live in Berkeley, California
  • I was born on August 2
  • My occupation is Community Development Manager
  • I am Male
  • JAlbor

    Wikia got a chance send CodeHatch, the developers behind StarForge, a set of questions about the game. Now we have come back with answers! Check out the resulting Q&A below to learn more about the game, its lore, and so much more!

    With respect to the feel of our game we'd have to say bit of everything in science fiction, from StarCraft to StarShip Troopers, to even Tremors. But for the story itself we'd have to say that our main influence wasn't any sci-fi series but rather NASA and their new Orion Spacecraft that they are building to allow us to travel to places like Mars. We then combined this inspiration with a doomsday event where humanity is basically forced from Earth. Luckily, humanity knew of this scenario long enough in advance to …

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