Build 0.4.5: Infinite Terrain

MAKE SURE YOU OPT OUT OF THE BETA UPDATE, TO GET THIS UPDATE!!! (Having trouble getting your game to update? Scroll to the bottom of this post.)

StarForge 0.4

StarForge 0.4.5 - Infinite Terrain - Play it Now on Steam

Vast plains, sprawling mountains and twisting caverns. Procedural infinite terrain has arrived, prepare yourself to wonder about this randomly generated world. Get lost in dark caverns, or scale to the highest mountain top! Every time you load in, you will get a new experience. Be careful and keep your eyes to the sky though, a blizzard or thunderstorm could roll in at any moment! New trees are growing freely throughout these new landscapes, though they seem to be made of some strange material, and currently cannot be harvested for wood. We are working on a cure for these sickly trees.

New user interface.

Enjoy the new dynamic UI, as it grows with you, and organizes your inventory for you based on category and type.

Highlighted features and changes.

There has been visual improvements to the day and night cycle, including light rays from the sun. The hot-bar now simply fades, instead of scrolling off the screen. That way it is still visible to player, without getting in the way. You now craft throwable items, instead of having an infinite source. They are crafted in your inventory, like other items. Instead of throwing them with a simple key, you now bind them to your skill bar like other items, then simply press that key to throw them. The vehicle is now easier to spawn, you now place it like you would a turret. Though, the gun on the thing is still busted, leeches keep chewing on the cables. You can now toggle Depth of Field (DoF) in the options menu.

Still no procedural guns, we are real sorry about that. We are still revamping the system, they will be back soon, within the coming weeks.

Notes regarding infinite terrain.

You can still play the original map from v0.3.6 at any time in single-player. Using the procedural terrain is optional. Infinite terrain is currently only available in single-player mode. Multi-player will still be using the pre-rendered map from v0.3.6. It is extremely resource intensive, especially if you have trees enabled. This feature is still very much new, and crashes are likely. This is due to the high memory usage of the terrain creation.

StarForge Version 0.4.5 Changelog


  • Infinite procedural terrain
  • Completely rewrote tree system (memory intensive - must be enabled in settings screen)
  • Weather system
  • New dynamic UI
    • UI panels are invisible until pertinent to the player
    • The inventory panel categorizes items, adding sub-categories as the item counts get unmanageable
    • Right click on an item stack in the inventory to open a context menu and interact with it
    • When clicking on a context menu item, click and drag the mouse horizontally to change the quantity for that action
    • All available blueprints now show up (specially marked as blueprints) in your inventory, so you can open the context menu and interact with them
    • Item stacks are no longer splittable, but stacks currently have no maximum size
    • Drag & Drop icons between the inventory and the hotkey bar to [un]equip them


  • Memory/Performance Improvements
    • Made more assets capable of being streamed into RAM at runtime
    • Drastically cut back on how many texture atlases are used
    • Cleaned out some unused components of the game that were just wasting RAM
  • Improved visuals of day/night cycle
  • Hotkey bar now fades to semi-transparent instead of scrolling off-screen
  • The parts of the UI that haven't been replaced have had their look & feel updated to match the new Dynamic UI
    • Vehicle, glowstick, frag grenade, and smoke grenade are all craftable now
    • Vehicle can be placed like a turret
    • Throwable types can be equipped to a hotkey, then thrown by tapping that hotkey
    • Throwable types now have limited quantities, based on what the player has in inventory
  • Updated credits
  • Added "Depth of Field" toggle to settings menu

Bug Fixes

  • Smoke grenades are now visible on "Good" quality and lower
  • Mouse wheel switches items again
  • Particle effects no longer show when first throwing grenades/glowsticks
  • Fixed input system so that moving and weapon switching work at the same time

Known Issues

  • Terrain digging implementation not yet finished
  • New trees cannot be cut down for wood yet. We are working on a fix for it.
  • Crashes can easily occur (due to running out of memory) on infinite terrain map, especially when trees are enabled
  • Infinite terrain currently only available in a special single-player mode, available from the "Single/Multi Player" selection menu. We will be adding multi-player support soon, please bear with us!
  • Vehicle gets stuck on small rocks easily, we are working on giving it some better four-wheel drive.
  • It may be possible for a player to walk off the vat platform and fall into nothingness before the terrain has generated. We suggest waiting for a brief moment when first loading in, to give the terrain a minute to create in front of you.
  • Gun turret on vehicle doesn't function, we are ordering some leech resistant wiring for the turret controls.
  • Memory improvements aren't complete yet, more improvements coming. As always, performance increases are an ongoing process for us. We are always working to improve the game, so that it runs much more smoothly for everyone.
  • Procedural weapons are currently disabled - they will be put back in within about 1 or 2 weeks

HELP! My game won't update! D:

Firstly, make sure you opt out of the beta update from before (version, 0.3.6). Go to StarForge Alpha in your game library on Steam. Right-click and select "Properties", this will open the game properties. Click on the tab labeled "Betas". You should see a drop down box. Make sure this drop down box says "NONE - Opt out of all beta programs". If not, change it so it says so. If you are still not getting the latest version then try the next 2 steps.

Restart Steam, this refreshes your Steam library and usually forces pending updates. If that is still not working...

Verify your game's cache. If you do not know how to do so, then follow these steps. Go to StarForge Alpha in your game library on Steam. Right-click and select "Properties", this will open the game properties. Go to the tab labeled "Local Files", under there you will see an option to "Verify Integrity Of Game Cache...". Select it, this will force Steam to scan your game's installation, and reacquire any missing files, and force a patch.

If for some reason this still does not work for you, then reinstall the game. You will have to re-download the game, but you are guaranteed to get the latest version that way.

What do you think of build 0.4.5? Post your feedback below!