The feature you have all been asking for, saving, is here! The new saving feature supports auto-saves as well as manual saves from the player. Saving is currently limited to single-player only, but will be implemented for multi-player soon.

We have added another vehicle to StarForge, the hovercraft touches down today. The hovercraft floats a few feet from the ground, perfect for scaling bumpy terrain. The hovercraft comes in a few varieties, try them all!

Procedural weapons have been revamped, and have returned to the game! All weapons will now be more dynamic and unique, more so than before!

Fort Defense has been improved this update. Wave counter, time until next wave, and kills are now displayed. As well as a scoreboard at the end of the match, which should last longer, now that turrets won't kill your own vat anymore! Be wary though, the leeches have begun adapting, and varieties of them have been seen on the outskirts of the desert...


  • Game saving, including autosave
  • Hovercrafts (craftable)
  • More feedback provided during Fort Defense mode
  • The leech are now animated entirely by the physics engine.
    • Realtime stats shown at the top of the screen
    • More stats shown on the game over popup (now with rank names!)
  • On-screen damage indicator shows source of damage taken
  • Re-implemented procedural weapons
  • Adjusted visual effects to more closely imitate what the human eye does in extreme light conditions


  • Changed the StarForge logo
  • Placed turrets are now fastened in place
  • The leech can now appear with a variety of stats that are reflected by colored markings on it
  • Tweaked many of the costs for crafting items
  • Tweaked a bunch of values on the truck to make it easier to drive
  • More improvements to clouds
  • Improvements to various internal architectures to help with future extensibility
  • Changes to trees
    • Improved performance
    • Reduced memory usage
    • Improved visuals
    • Implemented physics
  • Inventory screen now displays ALL items the player has, whether they're equipped or not.
    • If an item is equipped, it is now highlighted with a different color.
  • Changes to weapon audio
    • The audio for the chainsaw has been revamped and made more dynamic
    • Added more variety for different gun types, such as chainguns
  • You can no longer respawn while you're still alive
  • You must now be within a certain radius of the vat to craft items, this is shown visually when you open your inventory
  • Improved performance in a variety of areas
    • Weather
    • Audio
    • AI
  • Available blueprints are now different depending on the game mode you are playing
  • Entities on the same team take reduced damage from their teammates
  • Crafting is now referred to as Forging

Bug Fixes

  • Sometimes procedural weapons would make nonsensical weapons. That hasn't been removed. However, it has been lessened
  • Fixed a variety of bugs in the inventory screen, most of which were fixable by closing and re-opening it
  • Small fixes in visuals of procedural terrain
  • Rocket/Laser turrets firing logic changed
    • No longer damage the vat
    • Will not shoot at a target if there is no line of sight
  • Fixed a variety of network related issues
  • Using the mouse wheel to scroll your inventory no longer switches weapons at the same time

Known Issues

  • Game saving only works for single player (Fort Defense and Creative modes) right now.
    • A future update will include multiplayer and infinite terrain saving functionality.
  • Players wanting to host a game must not start a game beforehand, otherwise procedural weapon networking breaks. Currently only the first hosted game works properly with them.
  • Terrain digging implementation not yet finished
  • New trees cannot be cut down for wood yet
  • Collisions with trees aren't working correctly
  • Crashes can easily occur (due to running out of memory) on infinite terrain map, especially when trees are enabled
  • Infinite terrain currently only available in a special singleplayer mode, available from the "Single/Multi Player" selection menu
  • Vehicle gets stuck on small rocks easily
  • It may be possible for a player to walk off the vat platform and fall into nothingness before the terrain has generated
  • Gun turret on vehicles doesn't function
  • Memory improvements aren't complete yet, more improvements coming
  • Trees are broken right now, so they are disabled for this update

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