Wood is the most basic building material in StarForge. Wood can be found by chopping down trees (surprise!). Wood is unique in being both a tier 1 and a tier 2 resource, depending on the blueprints in your inventory, and is early-game content as you spawn in the game capable of building wood blocks.


Use in ForgingEdit

Wood is a tier 1 and a tier 2 low-quality building material. Since it's a low-quality building material, it does not require a forging terminal to craft. Wood can be crafted into any basic structure, and is also a minor component in all gun blueprints except for procedural weapons.

Each blueprint which involves wood, and how much wood only is required for that recipe.
Blueprint Wood Required
Wood Block 1 Wood
Fortified Wood Block 3 Wood
Wood Stairs 1 Wood
Fortified Wood Stairs 3 Wood
Wood Ramp 1 Wood
Fortified Wood Ramp

3 Wood

Fortified Wood Door 10 Wood
Fortified Wood Garage Door 24 Wood
NAV Beacon* 10 Wood
Plasma Flare* 1 Wood
Bed* 10 Wood
Container - Wooden 25 Wood
Rusty Assault Rifle* 1 Wood
Chaingun* 1 Wood
Pistol* 1 Wood
Shotgun* 1 Wood
Zip Gun* 1 Wood
Assault Rifle* 1 Wood

*These items require other items than wood in order to be forged.

Items in italics will require a forging terminal in order to be forged.

Difference between Wood and Fortified WoodEdit

Normal wood is the tier 1 low-quality building material, whereas Fortified Wood is at tier 2. Normal wood items require only 1 wood apiece, while fortified wood items will require 3 wood. At the beginning of the game, the player will still need to acquire the blueprints for fortified wood structures, but as of version 0.7.51, all basic wood structure blueprints were given to the player on spawn.

In-Game BehaviorEdit

Trees, Harvesting Wood, and ChainsawsEdit

On Atlas, much like anywhere else, wood is exclusively harvested by cutting down trees. Trees can be cut down with any harvesting tool. However, trees are a special raw material in that the normal cutting tool tiers do not matter. That is, wood will be extracted from trees at the same rate regardless of whether you are using the Ground Pounder (tier 1) or the Monolithium Drill (tier 4). There is only one exception to this rule, which is the Chainsaw. The Chainsaw is a unique tool which cannot harvest any other resource except wood, but when harvesting wood, will harvest it several times faster than other tools. If your primary build resource is wood, then obtaining a chainsaw is highly recommended. The player can actually cut the tree at any point, but regardless of where the tree was cut, the trunk of the tree will be severed and will fall down after about 13 wood has been extracted. The tree trunks act as ragdolls from that point on. Be warned of a few things.

  • Tree trunks, particularly trunks of the lighter trees, frequently disregard any foliage or branches at their top - they can roll like logs, with a bit extra inertia. Darker colored trees have large enough branches to stop rolling after a short distance, however. This was fixed in Version 0.7.51.
  • Tree trunks do not fall in any specific direction; when severed, they appear to fall randomly.
  • Tree trunks, when falling, can land on you. When they land on you, they will deal moderate damage to you if you are unlucky.

As you chase the tree trunk around and harvest it with your tool, the tree will slowly break up, piece by piece as you cut. Again, regardless of where you are actually cutting the tree, it will break apart from the bottom up. The remaining stump of the tree can also be harvested for some wood. Trees will typically grant you a few dozen wood, anywhere from 30's to the mid 40's.

To read more about the chainsaw itself, click here.

Normal Wood (Tier 1) BehaviorEdit

Normal wood is available in the basic building blocks (Blocks, ramps, and stairs) but not in doors. Overall, destroying or breaking apart normal wood blocks with tools is exactly like cutting a tree, minus the falling trunk: Chainsaws cut apart wood most quickly, with the other tools doing a moderately slow job regardless of tier.

Normal wood blocks are somewhat resistant to gunfire: it takes 25 bullets from an assault rifle to destroy a normal wood block, or 5 point-blank hits from a shotgun. Normal wood blocks will begin to wear away after 2 grenade hits. Stairs and ramps are a different story - they will be destroyed with 20 assault rifle bullets, or 3 shotgun hits. One grenade is all it takes to blow them to splinters. One basic breach charge is enough to blow away several blocks of normal wood, though not all the wood, in a wall.

Overall, wood is a simple but sturdy material, and would be decent to make a basic shelter with.

Fortified Wood (Tier 2) BehaviorEdit

Any basic structure can be built entirely of fortified wood. This includes doors and garage doors, as well as ramps, stairs, and blocks. Thus, it is possible to build a dwelling, hideout, or Forward Operations Base (FOB) entirely out of fortified wood. It will take several seconds to harvest any structure or block of fortified wood, even with a Monolithium Drill which will perform the fastest. In fact, in the case of breaking apart Fortified Wood blocks with tools, it appears to follow the natural tool tiers, with the chainsaw performing about as well as a Graphene Drill but capable of destroying wooden blocks nonetheless. 

Fortified wood blocks are also resistant to gunfire, requiring about 45 direct bullet hits from the chaingun and assault rifle to be destroyed. Even the shotgun will require 8 direct, point-blank hits in order to destroy a fortified wood block. Both normal and garage doors can sustain quite a bit of damage, but only about 2/3 of the damage that the fortified blocks can absorb. Both doors and blocks can sustain one explosion from a grenade, but by the second or third explosion they will be destroyed. Fortified wood stairs and ramps, however, are not so lucky. They have one third the health of a block, and half the health of door. It only takes 15 conventional assault rifle bullets, three point-blank hits from a shotgun, or one grenade blast to destroy stairs or ramps.

Breaching charges will wreak noticably greater havoc, destroying multiple fortified wood blocks with a single blast. However, it may be important to note that breach charges do not necessarily destroy the fortified wood blocks they are placed on, but random blocks around the breach charge. Breach charges also do massive amounts of damage to any destructible object on the other side of the wall the breach charge has been placed on. (This was fixed in Version 0.7.51)

Overall, fortified wood is fairly resistant to most explosions, bullets, and tools. Even after several breaching charges, no matter the type, a fortified wood structure will still be partly standing.